Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Way To Bring On More Shoppers

Not naming any large company names (see previous post), but I've found that whenever I am visiting these large department stores, there is not a single cart inside, for customer use. They're either outside in those cart "crates," or inside on an aisle, loaded up with items that many numerous employees are busy placing on the Christmas aisles.

Yes, Christmas in September.

Here's a thought. For every cart that a customer brings in from the parking lot, and yes it somehow has to be documented and perhaps a limit on the amount of carts, and the incentive, hmmm, free products, or money off their total? So, not counting the cart they use, if they happen to help out the store by bringing in X amount of carts and, like a valet service, have the count taken there, an employee providing the customer with a voucher that shows how many they brought in, it's a win win situation.

More customers in the store. Because they want a deal. Less need for the cart employees, since the majority of them would much prefer facing aisles then have to weather that weight, as well as weather, if you're silly in the Midwest, like us. More people spending money and helping and earning.


Think about it.

I'm getting this one out on a fast time clock because I've got to start dinner soon or it won't be ready in time but this idea has been on my mind, for like, ever!!

Each time the kids and I have gone into the store, we've had to walk back outside (no, I don't leave them inside to fend for themselves while I run back outside-not yet at least), to grab a cart from the parking lot. Or I could just be a good person and bring the carts in myself.

Still. It's an idea.

Any ideas that you think about often that could improve some form of business? Big business?

Take Fast food! Imagine if we had to type in our own order on a touch screen (kinda like self check out). No more VOICE IN THE BOX straining to hear you through their speakers of loud playing music blaring on the outside speakers. No more issues with um, language barriers and if you enter the wrong thing-whoops, oh well.

Okay, off to begin supper prep, then out tonight for more house hunting.

Lets here your quality improvement thoughts...