Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I Scream
You Scream
We all Scream

Delicious old school ice cream: Pralines and Cream. Peppermint. Bubble Gum. Boston Cherry. Chocolate. Vanilla. Butter Pecan.
Melted marshmallows in a gooey wonder dolloped on top of your scoop or two.
Whipped fluffy whipped cream (the kind that your mom or grandma would make for your pumpkin pie) added to the top of your wondrous creation.

Perhaps a few rainbow sprinkles or a cherry on top?

It all sounds so fabulous.

The ice cream social that my son's school was scheduled to have last Thursday was naturally postponed due to the storms last week.
The social has been rescheduled for tonight at 6:30pm.

(Have I mentioned I love Ice cream?)

Obviously I will be shying away from the ice cream delights this evening due to my stupid tooth ache.

Yesterday the Dentist applied "cold 70 degree air" to the area in question and I nearly jumped out of my chair yelping like a damn puppy that lost her bone. No way in creation will I be able to manage all that cold and sugary stuff tonight.

Thus, I'm SCREAMING OVER not getting my ICE CREAM!!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Speaking of ICE-have you entered in your In Case of EMERGENCY contact in your cell phones, yet? Something that we all should do (if we have cell phones) should heaven forbid we're in an accident and someone needs to notify our emergency contact through our cell phone. The police won't know that BIGDOGG- my Agapi mou-(in Greek it means: MY LOVE) is my emergency Contact.
So in front of his name, I've added ICE #1.
My mom, ICE #2.

Read more about it here or up there under In Case of EMERGENCY.
Just a helpful tip.


Portia said...

well that stinks double! i love ice cream too. i can hardly believe how much i ate when i was pregnant. i bet your boys would go for a family ice cream social, once your tooth is better, to make up for you missing out on the ice cream:) kids are so great that way:):)


hmmmmmmmm, I do believe that's a fantastic Idea!! I may cheat a bit tonight and stuff the ice cream on the opposite side of my mouth! :)

SOUL: said...

you could always let it melt..then drink it with a straw????

i know deprivation...and i don"t like him!!

want some virtual ice cream with that cigarette?

austere said...

Choc chips with hot choc sauce. Nothing to beat that, nothing.

Maybe that straw thing from the other side of your mouth should be fine, dont you think?

or you could let it melt into a milkshake?


Soul: I'm always up for that smoke..delicious!!

Austere: I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVEEEE Shakes..and that's a good combo, chocolate chips with hot sauce..yum!! Unless there's crumbled cookie oreo's to add to it!!


Cheryl said...

I LOVE ice cream too. It's my weakness.

I heard about ICE a while ago and have it in my cell. I'm going to put a link in my blog too. Great idea.

And the tooth saga continues. Sorry for your pain and all that junk food! Pop Rocks and Nerds wouldn't be my choice, but I've been known to eat Pez when there's nothing else around.


Thanks Cheryl!!
I think it's good to have especially when we have children-I'd hate for someone other than my "chosen one" to get the emergency call.

I LOVE PEZ too!! The yellow and strawberries, my favorite. Santa brings me a new pez and dispenser every year..yum!!
good evening everyone!!